R3-Mydas aims to revolutionize energy goods remanufacturing, fostering sustainability through circular value chains. Factory-level processes are optimized by integrating advanced digital technologies, mechatronics, and Secure Shell methodologies. This approach will be demonstrated through practical applications in demo cases featuring oil & gas crankshafts, e-vehicle batteries, and wind turbine gearboxes. 

ITML’s role

Within R3-Mydas, ITML serves as a technology provider, leveraging its proprietary technology for data collection and Machine Learning (ML)-powered analysis. More specifically, ITML provides Analytics-as-a-Service for the demo case for e-vehicle batteries remanufacturing. The main activities include the deployment of an Internet-of-Things (IoT) framework, the integration of a data fusion middleware based on the customization of ITML’s Data Fusion Bus (DFB), and the utilization of advanced ML algorithms for Business Intelligence purposes. Additionally, the project will deliver a marketplace dedicated to each remanufactured product or remanufacturing service. After this virtual space is developed, ITML’s role is to integrate it by transferring the know-how on cyber-intelligence for Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments.