The INT-ACT project harnesses innovative XR technology to preserve and enhance Europe’s intangible cultural heritage. This Horizon Europe-funded initiative blends past, present, and future to address societal challenges, employing new methods for capturing and presenting cultural experiences. Through immersive XR demonstrations, INT-ACT aims to transform how we interact with and celebrate our cultural identities.

ITML’s role

In the INT-ACT project, ITML leads Work Package 4, crafting immersive XR experiences for Europe’s cultural heritage landmarks. Central to this effort is the virtual recreation of Greece’s Kavala heritage site, where we fuse cultural history with XR innovations to captivate visitors. ITML also pioneers in engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders, setting the standard for community collaboration. Beyond these roles, ITML drives the project’s dissemination and communication, ensuring our breakthroughs in cultural engagement reach and influence a global audience.