NEUROCLIMA aims to establish a novel solution for supporting and sustaining systemic transformations and citizen engagement towards climate resilience by creating a nervous system that meaningfully connects policymakers, public institutions and citizens, based on AI-enhanced decision-making support.

ITML’s role

Within the NEUROCLIMA, ITML acts as the project technical and scientific coordinator focusing on managing the research and development activities. ITML will ensure the continuous progress of the individual modules and the overall solution towards achieving the project’s objectives.
From a technical perspective, ITML will lead the activities for gathering all technical, security and privacy requirements and defining the system requirements of the NEUROCLIMA solution; will co-design and implement the NEUROCLIMA front-end module and User Experience (UX) for participants to contribute to large-scale online climate-related dialogues; and will oversee the seamless integration and orchestration of all modules to deliver the final integrated NEUROCLIMA framework.