ROXANNE is a multidisciplinary project that brings together 24 European partners comprising technology providers and the strongest organizations in the field of crime investigation and monitoring, known as Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

The project aims to develop a novel platform combining advances in speech, language, video technologies and criminal network analysis that will assist LEAs in their daily activities, ultimately speeding up their investigative processes as well as reducing the cost and burden to the society caused by organized crime activities.

Fighting the organized crime is a crucial and significantly challenging task for LEAs worldwide, especially when dealing with large and dynamically changing criminal cases, where collecting and analyzing the evidence of a crime often exceeds the capabilities of the team assigned to the case. With that in mind, ROXANNE’s concept is to provide a robust and efficient means of identifying and tracking criminals though speech, text and video data with the overall goal of reducing the investigation time and costs for LEAs through an innovative approach to data protection, such as privacy by design.

The role of ITML

In the ROXANNE project, ITML leads the activities on social media data ingestion as well as on information fusion from component technologies.