Industrial automation is expanding at an increasing pace, where this surge of innovation is driven by recent advances in information and communication technologies facilitating a “phase transition” towards “Industry 4.0”. The vision of future intelligent and autonomous manufacturing units is counterbalanced by exponential increase in security risks and attack surfaces that emerge as the production systems grow ever more connected. To tackle these risks and attacks, COLLABS will deliver a comprehensive cyber-intelligence digital collaboration framework which is built upon cutting-edge technologies, solutions and services, such as data analytics, machine learning, distributed ledger and blockchain technologies, anomaly detection and remote attestation in Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT).

COLLABS introduces a new comprehensive cyber-intelligence digital collaboration framework for Industry 4.0 manufacturing environments, which aims to tackle the evolving threat landscape in the complete industrial value chain in the factories of the future. In COLLABS, we partner with worldwide leaders in the automotive, consumer electronics and aerospace manufacturing sectors to develop and demonstrate advanced mechanisms for threat detection, countermeasures implementation, evolution and real-time response, while maintaining reliability and resilience in real-world operational environments.

The role of ITML

ITML will be leading the activities towards the design and implementation of the threat detection and mitigation services, as well as the integration of the cybersecurity framework’s services.