TEACHING is a project that brings together 10 European partners comprising technology providers and large industries with experience in the autonomous systems and Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS). CPSoS define a multifaceted and dynamic environment where autonomy is fundamental to govern the complexity of interactions between the virtual and physical worlds with minimal human intervention. The project aims to set the scene for humans and cybernetic entities to collaborate harmoniously, where the latter will provide the former with a comfortable, tailored and dependable interaction, driven by the implicit feedback provided by humans throughout their physiological reactions to CPSoS operation.

TEACHING will develop a human-aware CPSoS for autonomous safety-critical applications, based on a distributed, energy-efficient and dependable Artificial Intelligence (AI), leveraging edge computing platforms integrating specialized computing fabric for AI and in-silico support for intelligent cybersecurity. The goal of the TEACHING project is to design a computing software and system supporting the development and deployment of adaptive and dependable CPSoS applications, allowing to exploit a sustainable human feedback to drive, optimize and personalize the provisioning of the offered services. The outcomes of the project will have an impact on the development of autonomous safety-critical systems, providing solutions to improve their safety, dependability and overall acceptability. TEACHING will be demonstrated in two industrial use cases in the automotive and aviation domains.

The role of ITML

In TEACHING, ITML will lead the development of an AI-enabled cybersecurity which will ensure the dependability of CPSoS. ITML will also act as the Communication and Dissemination Manager and will be leading the activities of delivering the outcomes of the project to the scientific, industrial, and general public communities, as well as to the market/stakeholders and research community.