ITML SmartShip Meeting
ITML has successfully organized the 1st progress meeting of SmartShip in the 4th of December 2019 at its premises in Athens.
The 4th plenary meeting of the SIT4Energy project took place on 5-6 December 2019, hosted by SIT4Energy German partners at lovely Hassfurt.
ITML visited the premises of TTTech for the regular one-day (26/11) NewControl PMT meeting
CaixaBank hosted in Mallorca, Spain a 3-day meeting (19-21 November 2019) of I-BiDaaS Project.
ITML as the system integrator of the C4IIoT cybersecurity framework participated in the 1st plenary meeting of C4IIoT project.
Jade Iniversity hosted in Oldenburg and Elsfleth the 1st quartal meeting for the PALAEMON project on the 23rd and 24th of October 2019.