ITML in the 5th plenary meeting of SIT4Energy

SIT4Energy has reached its 5th plenary meeting, which took place online on the 16th of July 2020. The virtual environment of the meeting was very productive, as the partners had the chance to present the main achievements and the overall progress of the project.  Apart from this, an open dialogue was built among all the participants discussing the main issues that the project currently undertakes due to the COVID-19 situation by sharing and exchanging ideas to realistically overcome them. This is an important milestone for the ITML team because the energy management tool developed by ITML is being validated by academic users of HUA currently. Still, much is expected to come up as a result of the hard work of our team. We, at ITML, really hope to gain not only valuable insights from the R&D perspectives but also approach to the potential market generation phase.